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Crafting Meaningful Memorials

Serving Cork City and Beyond with Thoughtful Headstones & Monuments

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About Gerald McCarthy Memorials

Memorable Gerald McCarthy the 1966 Cork hurling Captain. Brought the All Ireland Senior and U21 trophies to his place of employment McCarthy's Stonecutters Memorabilia.

Our Services

Explore our range of services designed to honor your loved ones with care and attention to detail:


Gravestones & Monument Designs

Create personalized gravestones and monuments that capture the essence of your loved ones. Our designs reflect their unique stories and ensure they are remembered with honor and dignity.


Memorial Garden Design

Transform outdoor areas into serene memorial gardens. Our designs blend natural elements and thoughtful arrangement, offering peaceful spaces for contemplation and remembrance.


Headstone Cleaning & Restoration

Renew the beauty of memorial stones with our cleaning, maintenance, and restoration services. We ensure that cherished memories remain vibrant and untouched by the passage of time.


Custom Inscriptions, Etchings & Emblems

Add personal touches to your memorials with custom inscriptions, intricate etchings, and meaningful emblems. Each detail contributes to a heartfelt and enduring tribute.


Photo Plaques, Statues & Curbing

Elevate your memorial space with photo plaques, statues, and curbing. These elements honor your loved ones while creating a serene environment for reflection.


Expert Engraving & Stone Cutting

Experience the precision of expert engraving and stone cutting. Our meticulous work ensures that every stroke contributes to the beauty and significance of each piece.


Explore our gallery to witness the beauty of our creations, from intricate carvings to meticulously crafted inscriptions. See how we've helped families honor their loved ones in unique and meaningful ways.

Our Clients Say

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Gerald McCarthy Memorials turned our vision into a reality. The attention to detail in the inscription and emblem on our father's headstone is simply heartwarming. The entire process, from design to installation, was seamless. Thank you for preserving our father's memory so beautifully.
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Don Francis, Tech Lead

The memorial garden designed by Gerald McCarthy Memorials is a sanctuary of peace. It's as if they captured my mother's essence in every flower and stone. The thoughtful arrangement has created a space where we can cherish her memory in nature's embrace.
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Andrew Johnson

The gravestone crafted for my husband by Gerald McCarthy Memorials is a testament to their dedication. The intricate design and engraving reflect his vibrant life and the love we shared. Their work exceeded our expectations, and we're forever grateful.
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Robert Anderson

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