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How much are gravestones headstones?

The costs and the price of headstones or a memorial

 usually start about €1200, most people tend to spend between €1500 to €2500 

costs vary from color to color for the same stone.

Smaller items like books, hearts, and accessories are cheaper.

Upgrades like adding photos or emblems, decorative bronze inlays, inscriptions etc. Will add to the cost of your memorial grave marker or headstones.




Prices usually start about €1200 most people tend to spend between €1500 to €2500.




What are the words written on a tombstone called?

The words written on a tombstone or headstone are called Epitaph or Epitaphs, a poem or other short text is written in memory of a deceased person and are inscribed on the stone. We just call it writing or inscriptions.




How long do you have to wait before you can put a headstone on a grave?

It depends on the cemetery to cemetery, headstones can be fitted before burials or just after, wherein the situation that foundations are in place and planning has been granted.

Where no foundations are in place usually we wait for a year for the ground to settle to put the foundation down and the headstone on.




What kind of stone do you use?

We mainly use Irish limestone, marble, and granite for our headstones.




Can I have kerbing, Curbing with a new headstone?

Yes, providing the cemetery authorities allow it. As most cemeteries in Cork are now lawn cemeteries this might not be possible in some cases.




Can we select a headstone, not on your brochure that I have seen in a cemetery?

Yes, we can copy any headstone in any cemetery, we will visit the cemetery where you have seen the stone and then provide you with a quote.




What do I need to know about purchasing a headstone?

The most important thing is to know the rules and regulations of the cemetery, some cemeteries have a height restriction and others do not allow kerbing, curbing, we will advise on this.




How are carvings and emblems done on a monument?

Etching is usually done by sandblasting the stone from a stencil but we can also carve the stone by hand which is the traditional way of cutting the names.




How long does it take to get a monument finished and installed?

Times vary but pieces can be finished and installed in 4 to 6 weeks. if a stone has to be ordered as a special it could take up to 12 weeks to finish.





We would need all the details of what you want, to quote a price. There are extras like photographs, flower boxes, statues, and kerbing, curbing.




Many of the older monuments in the cemetery are hard to read. Why? and will, my monument be this way with time?

It is true that many of the older monuments are hard to read. Most of the older headstones were made from limestone and marble which can get dirty and the letters can fade after repeated cleaning. Nowadays granite is the most popular and this will never change in colour,the colours can vary from black to Bahama blue to silver grey.




Can I drop in to show you what I want?

Yes, you are always welcome to discuss your ideas and requirements. Please call first as although we are always on the job, we are not always at the workshop.




Types of headstone materials.

We include fitting in the prices, extras like photos, statues, flowerboxes and curbing where permitted are extra.

How much are the prices of headstones?

How much does a memorial cost?

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