Double 1
Bahama Blue Granite with pillar and gold lettering
Double 2
Silver Grey Granite with cross cut out in middle
Double 3
mid grey granite double with pillar in centre
Double 4
mid grey granite with cross and hands carved in centre
Double 5
silver grey granite with our lady in centre
Double 6
black granite with pillar and space for statue
Double 7
black granite with our lord carved in centre
Double 8
black granite with pillar in centre
Double 9
bahama blue granite with pillar and white lettering
Double 10
black granite double headstone
Double 11
Mid Grey Granite headstone with side flower boxes
Double 12
Black granite headstone with silver lettering
Double 13
bahama blue granite headstone
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Select an image or design above and click on the top left to enlarge. Our Double headstones can be customised to any request. Bespoke memorials.