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Headstone Cleaning. Restoration and Maintenance Services.

Headstone cleaning Cork

Grave maintenance and restoration based in Cork and the surrounding areas. We can clean and restore any type of headstone and plaques.

Restoration Services call for a quick quote and for price estimates.


What can I use to clean headstones?

There are many ways to clean headstones and memorials, always consult with an expert first, you will see and hear all types of solutions on the internet. It only takes a few minutes, to pick up a phone and call, or send an email. It will save you doing irreversible damage, or save you a lot of hassle. 



How do you clean moss off a gravestone?

Never use any metal or hard objects that could scratch or chip the moss on the headstone.



Can you use vinegar to clean headstones?

You can not use vinegar to clean headstones or memorials, the reason for this is the acidity in the vinegar will eat away at the stone.



How do you clean marble headstones?

You can use a soft nontoxic soapy substance that is not corrosive or has any high acidity in it. Warm water and soap will help. But for a professional expert clean. Contact an expert for advice.

Price of Headstones and Monuments.

The average price for headstones and monuments start at €1200 to €3000.


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