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Providing headstones to Cork City and County Cork areas

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About Gerald McCarthy Memorials

Memorable Gerald McCarthy the 1966 Cork hurling Captain. Brought the All Ireland Senior and U21 trophies to his place of employment McCarthy's Stonecutters Memorabilia.

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Creating personalized family monuments, memorials, and headstones, that endure the test of time and become a place to visit. For generations to come is something we have been doing for many years.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in headstones, customer focus, and our understanding of the importance of our job. Our commitment and dedication to our customers continue, to make us one of the most, respected commemorative arts companies in Ireland.

Take a look around our website and see what services we offer. Such as Gravestones, monument designs, headstone cleaning maintained and restorations, inscriptions etchings pictures, and emblems. Headstones information and pricing and costs, and useful links. We also supply and provide commemorations and commemorative pieces that compliment graveyards or gardens or remembrance, house names, and buildings...



We understand that choosing a headstone or memorial for a loved one can be an upsetting and saddening experience. At Gerald McCarthy Memorials we endeavor to make it as easy and stress free as possible. Our personalised service ensures that you are assisted in every way in selecting a memorial or headstone, which is a fitting tribute to your loved one.

Appointments are extremely flexible and can be held in our office,

in the cemetery or in the comfort of your own home at a time convenient to you.

Included in our service we take care of all cemetery regulations,

council and corporation fees and obtain planning permission where applicable


Looking for a special headstone design. The art of hand carving headstones is a rear and unique occupation in art and tradition. A lot of things are done now by machine and yes it is a necessity in these times. We are experts in engraving and stone cutting. We have pride in our work, the headstone designs, that we create that are carved and inscribed by hand.


Using our experience and traditional Irish Celtic history, that has been passed on from one generation to another, is what makes us unique, just like the Irish crafted personal and sentimental gravestones, headstone or tombstones. Each named differently but yet acknowledged worldwide, as marking a loved ones resting place, or places of remembrance.



Headstone (colours) colors, and headstone examples.  We have a vast selection of colors at Gerald McCarthy. Here are just some examples of each type of stone, from granite to marble, to any extras that are requested, each stone is customizable (custom made and designed to any request) by professional stonemasons.

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